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Budget Categories

The software allows the user to setup a 3 tiered set of budget categories to enable a project to be controlled using a breakdown that most suits the particular project.

For example, a design, build and manufacture project for a new type of printer may have some of the following categories:

Project Management
       Project Manager
       Project Secretary
       Inter-office Travel
              Mechanical Engineers
              Mechanical Component Drafting
       Software Preparation
              Electrical Engineers
              Electrical System Design
Prototype Construction

This approach allows every project to be treated according to its nature. If the same company were to then develop a software only product, obviously the mechanical and electrical design categories aren't required, whilst the software preparation would require more then just one category.

Budget Tracking

The following categories may be entered for each budget category:

  • Budget Amount
  • Budget Labor Hours
  • Budget Variances
  • Labor Hour Budget Variances
  • Forecast At Completion
  • Forecast Labor Hours at Completion
  • Budget Data

Against the budget categories, the following data may be obtained:

  • Purchase Order data
  • Supplier Invoice data
  • Labor Cost data

Tracking of Labor costs is performed in conjunction with the personnel data. This data allows for both staff (ie those who are paid for a set number of hours per week) and hourly rate personnel (including two overtime rates) to be monitored. Pay rates may be modified throughout the project and either applied for future entries, or applied to all previous entries.

Project Income Tracking

Project Income may also be tracked throughout a project. Income categories may be setup at the beginning of the project or added as the project progresses. These categories allow, for example, for the main project value to be monitored as well as various change orders that may be obtained throughout the project. The following income data may be monitored:

  • Budget Income
  • Budget Variances
  • Forecast Income at Completion

Data on client invoices are also maintained within the program database.


A true multi-currency program, the user may set a base project currency and up to eight (8) different currencies for entering purchase orders and personnel data. The eight project currencies may be selected from 168 preset currencies at the beginning of the project, or modified throughout the project.

Project Reports

A wide variety of reports are available outputting all of the data in a variety of formats. In many cases the level of detail can be specified to suit the intended recipient (for example upper management may only require the top level categories to be listed). Reports include:

  • Budget Summary reports
  • Project Costing reports
  • Man Hour Summary reports
  • Material Summary reports
  • Purchase Order data reports
  • Labor Hour data reports
  • Client Invoice reports
  • Personnel data
  • Budget & Income Code Report (listing of categories with associated budget codes for personnel to enter onto their timesheets or onto purchase orders).

Download your copy now.Try it out!  It sure beats trying to maintain your project budgets with those complex Excel spreadsheets or waiting for your accounts department to give you timely figures with the breakdown that you most need!





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