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Project Budget Manager was acquired in 2003 by Data Management Assistance Corporation of Granite Shoals, Texas. DMAC's data entry products - Unibase by DMAC, Unibase Imaging, and WebBase - have made it a leader in the data capture industry.

In 2007 DMAC joins with eDocStrategies,Inc. to provide electronic document management capabilities to clients.

With Project Budget Manager, Ace Contact Manager, and the Netbased Software products DMAC is striving to be a serious competitor in the multiuser, networked, server based database product area.

Founded in 1989, DMAC's Unibase products currently supports over 5000 data entry and image entry workstations in over 400 companies worldwide. DMAC's newer products support over 15,000 workstations at over 500 companies worldwide.

Ace Contact Manager provides mutlti user network support of companies. Ace has been upgraded and reworked to encorporate the DMAC approach to multiuser networks. Ace's reliabilty has steadily improved. In 2007 Ace will be "Certified for Visa" by Microsoft.

In 2003 DMAC acquired five net-based software products from Extensions Software of Enterprise, Alabama. These products include an in/out status tracking system for employees, an online company phone book, a program that displays alerts and notifications at log-on, a program that provides alert notifications on the network and a program to track employee and project work time.

Currently functioning as a stand-alone PC program, Project Budget Manager will be upgraded to network capability in the future.

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